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5 Reasons Moving to a New House is So Stressful

Moving into a new house can be an exciting experience. However, if you don’t plan thoroughly in advance, it can also be riddled with stress and anxiety. Learn about the five primary reasons moving is so stressful, so that you minimize the problems.

1. The Time and Energy of Planning

Planning your move out of an old house and into a new house is complicated. You must coordinate all the logistics and steps in a logical and timely manner. Missing one step or going out of order could spell disaster for your moving day. For example, forgetting to turn on your utilities prior to the move could leave you without electricity or water for the first few days in the new place. Skimping on the proper packing materials because you ran out of time to go to the store could mean your items get damaged during transport.

If you need help wrapping your mind around the moving process or filling in some of the gaps, professional moving companies are available to assist. They can handle things like the packing and other last-minute tasks on short notice, if necessary. If you find yourself short on time, some movers can even pack up an entire two-story house in a just a day or two. By taking some of the work off your plate, movers free up your time to focus on everything else you’re juggling.

2. Packing and Unpacking

Packing and unpacking your belongings are the two most stressful and time-consuming tasks during a move. It takes a great deal of energy and strength to pack all your clothes, furniture, electronics, and other household items. Some items are so heavy, such as fridges and laundry machines, that you need the assistance of other people. Once you’ve gotten everything safely to the new place, it takes lots of time to unpack the boxes and get things organized.

Professional movers can help on both fronts. Arrange for a moving company to assist with packing your home prior to your move. You may want help boxing the entire house or with just a handful of delicate or bulky items, like china or your TV. After the move, ask the movers to stick around and assist with reassembling and arranging the furniture or organizing your kitchen cabinets.

3. Risking Physical Injuries

When you move heavy items and boxes without the right equipment, training, or manpower, you are likely to sustain an injury. The most common injury during moving is straining one’s back trying to lift a weighty object, but there are plenty other ways to get injured during the move. For example, you could also lose your balance and fall down the steps or have a heavy item fall on you.

Movers come equipped with all the tools and knowledge to get the job done right without injury. From packing wizardry to state-of-the-art dollies and hand trucks, these guys can make moving look like child’s play.

4. Setting Aside Time

It takes colossal amounts of time to execute a move, especially if you’re moving long distance. Meanwhile, you still have work and family obligations to which to attend. Instead of spending every spare moment wrapping and boxing dishes or fretting over how you’ll ever have the time to drive a moving truck across the country, hire a mover instead!

5. Adapting to a New Environment

One of the last and hardest steps of the move is getting used to the new home and surroundings. Most people do eventually get accustomed to their new home and neighborhood, but the process is difficult at first. If you’re moving to Kansas City, be sure to utilize our resources to discover things like the best neighborhoods or to scope out info on turning on your utilities. Also consider downloading helpful apps like Nextdoor, AroundMe or MeetUp.

Moving into a new house is stressful for anyone. To avoid unbearable strain, start planning for your move months or weeks ahead. Consider hiring a mover an investment in your sanity. You’ll find stress relief by hiring the best moving & storage company to help you relocate.

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