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How to Move a Gun Safe with a Dolly

If you have just purchased a gun safe or are planning on moving your safe, odds are you know just how heavy these safes can be. Some of the larger models weigh over 1,000 pounds! Because of the weight and bulk of a gun safe, you’ll need to take some precautions when moving it. Professional movers stress the importance of using a moving dolly to make the load more manageable and to prevent injury. Here are the steps to take:

1. First Steps – Find a Dolly

The first step towards moving your safe is going to be choosing the right dolly (MovingGuru has a great article here about dolly purchasing.) Ideally, you’ll want the smallest dolly that will still work for your safe. This will help minimize hassle and expense. To determine the size, you’ll need to know the dimensions and weight of your gun safe. This information is available with the documentation from your safe purchase. If you don’t have this information, your best bet is to search the model number of your safe online. You’ll need this information to pick the right dolly for the job.

If you own a dolly already, great. If not, you may want to check at hardware stores and moving companies in your area, as many of these rent dollies for less than the purchase price.

2. Empty the Safe

You’ll want to remove anything from inside the safe first – guns, ammunition, or anything that is inside. Observe firearm safety when doing this. Unload your firearms before moving them and keep them in a safe, secure place in the meantime.

3. Get a Friend or Two to Help

Once you have your dolly, you’ll most likely want a partner to help you move it. It is not advised to move a large gun safe on your own, even if you are using a dolly. Getting the safe on the dolly is difficult and will be easier with a friend.

4. Load the Safe on the Dolly

Next, slide the dolly under the safe, centering it as much as possible. If needed, lift the safe, with the help of your partner, onto the dolly. Be careful! If you can’t lift it, you’ll need to get more assistance, or rethink your approach.

5. Transport It Carefully

Once the safe is securely on the dolly, move it slowly to its destination, keeping the weight balanced and secure. Have your partner stand alongside the dolly and help you balance it, while keeping an eye out for obstacles along the way.

What about stairs?

It is not safe to move a large gun safe up or downstairs. For this, you’ll want to employ a moving company with the right equipment and know-how to move a cumbersome gun safe vertically. It may be tempting to try it on your own, but the risk of injury or damage to your home is not worth it.

6. Unload the Safe

Once the safe is where it needs to be, gently lower it. With the help of your partner, unload the safe from the dolly by gently moving the safe back and forth while pulling the dolly out from underneath.

Done correctly, moving a gun safe with a dolly is an easy task. Be careful, and if you have any doubt, ask a professional. To get Kansas City mover prices from trusted safe moving companies, contact Cheap Movers KC today!

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