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Whether across town or across the country, moving can be one of the largest challenges an individual or family can face. Everything from packing and itemizing to coordinating the move itself can be a hassle; thankfully, you can streamline the moving process in Kansas City by choosing to use storage services from the city’s best moving & storage companies.

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Affordable Storage Solutions in Kansas City

Mover storage services offer you the ability to keep your belongings in a safe environment and either pick them up when you’re ready or have them delivered on your schedule. Using moving storage services in conjunction with a Kansas City moving company also gives you the opportunity to have your belongings professionally packaged prior to storage for added safety. This saves time and energy during an already hectic time.


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  • Clean facilities 
  • 24-hour monitoring 
  • Climate-controlled units available 
  • Access on your schedule 
  • Various storage space sizes to suit differing needs
  • Affordable rates to meet your needs

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Is a Storage Unit Right for You?

Although storage solutions are generally used for people moving residences, the reality is that moving storage can be utilized for a wide variety of purposes. Many people simply need extra space, while others want to securely store valuable items like fine wine, art, or important documents. The benefit to using storage services for extra space is that you have round-the-clock access to your items, so if you need to retrieve them for a quick sale or just to get them back in your home, you don’t have to wait for a storage employee to grant access.


When moving, you can also benefit from storage services if you sell your home but your new home isn’t move-in ready. There are several reasons that a situation like this can occur, but regardless of the reason, you can be sure that your items will be safely stored while you work out the details of your move. The best part about this is that you can take only what you need if you’re staying at a temporary residence and retrieve the rest when you’re ready.


Taking advantage of moving storage is also a great idea if you’d like a moving company to handle your items for you. In this case, your movers can professionally pack up your items, take them to your storage facility, and then deliver them to your new address when you need them. This takes all the pressure off you and your family while you handle the details of your move, making the transition smooth and seamless.


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To learn more about how your next move can benefit from storage solutions, please call or click to contact a moving storage specialist.

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